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  • Inline PCB Loader Machine
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    Inline PCB Loader Machine

    HLD/HULD Series automatic loader/unloader 1. Reliable and stable of the controlling is equipped with micro-computer 2. LCD monitor with user-friendly control mode is easily to operation 3. Multi function sound and light alarm to awake up the operators when trouble 4. That is...
  • Automatic Unloader
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    Automatic Unloader

    Loader/unloader,SMT handling solution! Automatic empty magazine loading/full magazine offloading Available in four model, each dedicated to a standard magazine(320,400 and 460mm). Empty magazines are loaded onto the lower platform and automatically transferred to the indexing...
  • Unloader Conveyor Equipment
  • Automatic Inverting Conveyor
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    Automatic Inverting Conveyor

    Automatic inverting conveyor Features: ● Adopts new type aluminum as the structure which ensure the machine strong and stable. ● Rotating power adopts rotating cylinder which can turn around from 00~1800, which runs more smoothly than traditional driving motor. ● PLC control...
  • Double Track Unloader Machine
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    Double Track Unloader Machine

    NG/OK Dual Track Unloader Features ● PLC control system ● The corresponding orbit can store 50 pieces OK PCB boards and 10 pieces NG PCB boards ● With the special structure of anti clamping plate and foot proof ● Automatic storage of NG/OK PCB ● Connecting with the back of...
  • Automatic Shuttle Conveyor
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    Automatic Shuttle Conveyor

    Automatic Shuttle Conveyor Features ● The structure of the machine are very strong and stable. ● Control system adopts PCL ● The control interface adopts LED TFT touch screen. ● With the functions of one into two out/out into one out/two into two out/pass through directly ●...
  • Elevator Traction Conveyor
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    Elevator Traction Conveyor

    Elevator Traction Conveyor Features ● Special structure design which is very good quality and stable. ● High safety performance,multiple photo electronic switch to detect the corridor through. ● Standard machine. ● 0.6 meters can be set aside as the aisle position ● PLC...
  • Plug-in-line Conveyor
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    Plug-in-line Conveyor

    Plug-in line Conveyor Features: 1. The main body structure is welded by sheet metal, and all the outside are sealed with sealing plate to ensure the operation is safer. (This device with a need to transfer between devices, 1 in 2 out or 2 in 1 out) 2. Mute rail design,...
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