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  • Selective Wave Soldering Machine
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    Selective Wave Soldering Machine

    Selective Soldering Machine Features ● High accuracy ● Stable and reliable ● Production efficiency and maintenance easily ● Available offline programming Used two zones hot air for the top preheating system. Specifications
  • Wave Soldering System
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    Wave Soldering System

    Iron solder pot wave soldering machine Feature: 1. Lead free process design for whole machine 2. Surface adapts spraying plastic which can ensure without dropping coating 3. Easy for maintenance, streamline structure 4. All automatically controlled by computer, XP windows,...
  • Nitrogen Selective Soldering Machine
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    Nitrogen Selective Soldering Machine

    Nitrogen Selective Soldering Machine NP-350-N Features: Highlights selective soldering machine NP-350-N: Due to increasing product changes in electronics production, it is necessary to exchange solder nozzles or readjust solder pots by hand. The new HB NP-350-N sets new...
  • Iron Casting Wave Soldering
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    Iron Casting Wave Soldering

    Advantages: 1.The solder pot is made of casting iron which is low cost. 2.High performance of soldering results. 3.New appearance design which is look better 4.Lead free process,high precision,high quality. 5.Win 7 operating system which is easy to control and use.It...
  • U-sonic Ultrasonic Atomization
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    U-sonic Ultrasonic Atomization

    The ultrasonic atomizing nozzle makes the flux in the tank broken into very fine atomized particles through the intense vibration of the vibrator, thus achieving a good atomization effect. The advantage of the ultrasonic atomizing nozzle is that even under the low pressure...
  • Nitrogen Wave Soldering System
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    Nitrogen Wave Soldering System

    Wave soldering Machines HW-450 Feature: 1. Closed Loop with inverter Control System to keep the stability and accuracy of speed managed. Have a pair of the Assistant Device to hole the PCB smoothly entry by soft-press. 2. Modularization High efficiency pre-heater is...
  • Highlights In-line Selective Soldering System
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    Highlights In-line Selective Soldering System

    Selective Soldering Machine NP-350 Your Economic Solution for: Prototyping Product Development Short Run, High-Mix Manufacturing Applications Features ● Through –hole soldering flexible—single point, drag, mini-wave or dip soldering ● Exceptional accuracy and repeatable with...
  • Multi-wave Soldering System Multi-process
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    Multi-wave Soldering System Multi-process

    Lead-free Selective Multi-Wave Soldering Machine With the high precision and reliable making process, th soldering quality of the machine is beyond than the traditional wave soldering under some conditions. Lead-free Selective Multi-Wave Soldering Machine With the high...
  • Non-finger Wave Soldering Machine
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    Non-finger Wave Soldering Machine

    Wave soldering HP-450/350 The HB Advantages: ● HB has a long tradition of providing quality equipment and service. ● Lifetime free software upgrades. ● Lifetime free training at any HB factory. ● More standard features than other oven available in the market. HP Series of...
  • Non-finger Wave Soldering System
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    Non-finger Wave Soldering System

    HP-350/450 Lead free wave soldering machine Invitation Patented The World Premiere ● The world’s first non-finger wave soldering, breaking out the industry for decade’s traditional titanium claws transportation system, without any loss titanium finger. ● Take a comparison...
  • Selective Soldering System
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    Selective Soldering System

    Inline selective soldering system HB NXP-450-N The worlds leading inline selective soldering system HB meets the highest demands in flexibility and throughput. With almost endless possibilities of configurations the system is ideal to meet any customer's requirement. The...
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